LOS ANGELES, CA – June 28, 2024 – LifeLine EMS, a leading provider of emergency medical services in Southern California, is proud to announce the implementation of the Handtevy System, developed by Handtevy – Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc. This strategic move is aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing medication errors, and boosting the confidence of EMS personnel when treating pediatric patients. LifeLine EMS is the first agency in Los Angeles County to adopt the Handtevy System, joining many other agencies across the state and thousands more across the nation.

The adoption of the Handtevy System at LifeLine EMS coincides with Safety Month, underlining the organization’s commitment to safety and clinical excellence. LifeLine EMS is renowned for its dedication to innovation, quality care, and continuous improvement. The integration of Handtevy’s award-winning mobile application and training program aligns perfectly with these values, providing the tools and resources needed to streamline clinical processes and enhance patient care.

Empowering EMS Teams

The Handtevy System is designed to deliver precise, real-time information for medication dosing, equipment sizing, and protocol adherence. This ensures that EMS teams can provide the highest quality of emergency care to both pediatric and adult patients with increased accuracy and efficiency. The system’s features include:

Accurate Medication Dosing: Handtevy’s mobile app provides EMS clinicians with quick access to accurate medication dosages, reducing the risk of errors that can occur during high-stress situations.

CPR Assist and Checklists: The app includes tools to guide EMS teams through CPR procedures and critical checklists, ensuring all necessary steps are followed during an emergency.

Comprehensive Training: Handtevy’s educational programs are designed to improve the skills and confidence of EMS personnel, enabling them to handle pediatric emergencies with greater assurance and effectiveness.

Improving Outcomes and Reducing Errors

Studies have shown that the Handtevy System significantly improves medication dosing accuracy and overall patient outcomes. A study conducted by Denver Health revealed that after implementing Handtevy, correct medication dosing increased to 89.4%, compared to 51.1% with traditional methods. Additionally, research from Polk County Fire Rescue demonstrated a significant improvement in neurologically-intact survival rates for pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases, increasing from 0% to 23% following the implementation of enhanced on-scene management strategies that included the use of Handtevy. This substantial improvement highlights the system’s potential to save lives and enhance the quality of care provided by EMS teams.

Start Your Next Career In EMS

LifeLine EMS offers several different career pathways within EMS; Field Operations, Communications, Fleet Management, Administration, Business Development, and Finance.

Start Your Next Career In EMS

LifeLine EMS offers several different career pathways within EMS; Field Operations, Communications, Fleet Management, Administration, Business Development, and Finance.

Supporting LifeLine EMS’s Mission

LifeLine EMS’s mission is to provide exemplary care and transport services, with a strong focus on safety and continuous improvement. The implementation of the
Handtevy System is a testament to this mission, ensuring that LifeLine EMS remains at the forefront of emergency medical services in Southern California. The integration of Handtevy will not only streamline processes but also free up critical thinking resources for EMS personnel, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of patient care.

“We are excited to integrate Handtevy into our EMS operations,” said Danielle Thomas, Chief Operating Officer of LifeLine EMS. “This system will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver high-quality care, reduce medication errors, and improve outcomes for both pediatric and adult patients. Our team is looking forward to the increased confidence and efficiency that Handtevy will bring to our emergency response efforts.”

Allison Antevy, CEO of Handtevy – Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc., added, “We are thrilled to see LifeLine EMS take this important step in advancing their emergency care capabilities. By adopting the Handtevy System, they are setting a new standard for excellence in Los Angeles County and beyond. Our mission has always been to empower EMS providers with the tools they need to save lives, and this partnership is a significant milestone in that journey.”

For more information on the Handtevy System and its benefits, please visit
www.handtevy.com or contact:

Media Contact: Keli Gordon
954-944-1114, Ext 1022

LifeLine EMS is a premier emergency medical services provider in Southern California, offering Basic and Advanced Life Support along with Critical Care services.
Committed to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of its team members, LifeLine EMS continues to set the standard for quality care and transport services.

Handtevy is a leader in pediatric emergency technology, providing innovative solutions to enhance emergency care for critically ill or injured patients. Founded by Dr. Peter Antevy, Handtevy is dedicated to improving both adult and pediatric pre-hospital care through its cutting-edge mobile application and comprehensive training programs.

For more information on LifeLine EMS’s implementation of Handtevy, please visit
www.lifeline-ems.com or contact LifeLine EMS directly.

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LifeLine EMS is the leading response medical transportation agency in Southern California, offering EMT, Paramedic, and Critical Care level services to patients in the communities we serve. We will focus our efforts on increasing our contracted hospital partners and expanding our scope of services to include Mobile Integrated Health and new educational efforts for EMS professionals.

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