We offer flexible schedules to honor school and other commitments, overtime opportunities, extremely competitive pay and our $5000 retention bonus.


Our Performance Improvement Team combines innovation and oversight to support field operations to ensure that we provide exceptional pre-hospital care to our patients. The Continuous Quality and Improvement (CQI) program encourages our field providers to work together to develop and enhance the EMS system. With integrated physician oversight, the CQI program ensures compliance with the Orange and Los Angeles Counties and Statewide Treatment Protocols, identifies training opportunities, and highlights outstanding clinical performance to be recognized amongst our team.

Our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program is a patient-centered, systematic process of review and analysis architected by physician advisors and facilitated by the Performance Improvement Team. The CQI program is an ongoing, continuous evaluation of system performance to determine how the system, and providers within the system, are functioning. This insight allows us to improve operational performance and, most importantly, patient outcomes.

We strongly believe in process analysis and improvement, rather than reactively attributing blame to individuals when the best results do not occur; this is the key to enhancing patient care and patient outcomes. We practice Just Culture at LifeLine EMS. This honest and limited consequence environment allows bi-directional communication between supervisory staff and field providers to discuss near mistakes or rectify outstanding questions without fear of ramifications.

The program includes prospective, concurrent, and retrospective reviews of our field providers’ medical care, including assessment, procedures, and treatment. Data mined from the CQI program drives Medical Director discussions, monthly training, quarterly skills retention, and other continuing education. EMTs and paramedics receive valuable feedback and are provided with learning opportunities to ensure they are meeting quality patient care.

The program is not punitive; in fact, many field providers initiate conversations regarding patient care issues as part of their effort to improve themselves continuously. Most services review specific call types or outcomes – We review 100% of Emergent Responses or Code 3 calls and fifty (50) percent of all other patient transports.

LifeLine EMS offers several different career pathways within EMS; Field Operations, Communications, Fleet Management, Administration, Business Development,
and Finance.