LifeLine EMS is committed to using innovative technology to enhance our operation and management of our EMS and non-Emergency medical transportation system. We have a dedicated team of IT experts along with a focused software and analytics team to ensure we continue to emerge as an industry leader.

We have been the first to invest in solutions for efficiency and efficacy in the EMS space in the Southern California area. Seeking out the newest technology revolves around our ability to predict trends and anticipate needed solutions. We communicate our metrics and data analytics to our contracted partners resulting in productive conversations with solution introduction.

Operative IQ

Supply Management

Operative IQ is an electronic software dedicated to supplying inventory management. LifeLine EMS can track, issue, count, and view costs concerning supplies and equipment. Operative IQ notifies Lifeline Management when critically low counts are approaching so stock can be replenished before reaching zero. Using Operative IQ has afforded LifeLine EMS a window into daily operations. It allows us to take pride in our supply and equipment management by making informed decisions, tracking critical dates, controlling costs, and eliminating waste.

Atlas Labs

Onboard Vehicle Telematics

Atlas Labs gathers onboard vehicle telematics, which includes GPS location, mileage, fuel, trip history, engine behavior, driver safety, and fleet health. With real-time location updates, our communications center can view up-to-the-second vehicle refresh rates as they travel. With geofencing, we can create virtual fences around deployment centers and healthcare sites for real-time vehicle arrival and departure alerts. LifeLine EMS can also assess our vehicles’ health with multi-sensor monitoring.


Driving Safety

Lytx is a driving safety system. This program allows for 24-hour constant monitoring in the ambulance cab and the front of the vehicle. This cloud-connected ambulance dash camera system delivers reliable, continual video clips to a searchable online dashboard and enables EMTs to capture video as needed manually. Lytx ambulance dash cams are front and rear-facing cameras that can provide a 360-degree view complete with high-quality video and night vision. These driver-centric tools help prevent collisions – before they happen – to protect all in the ambulance. LifeLine Ambulance has invested in artificial intelligence technology to help detect and deter distracted driving; the leadership is alerted through artificial intelligence of sixty (60) EMT behaviors that may cause distraction. These are immediately addressed and mitigated to allow for the safest environment possible.


Data Analytics

LifeLine EMS uses FirstWatch to turn our raw data into useful, actionable information to improve operations, performance, and clinical measures and provide early warning for crucial events. FirstWatch uses automated EMS-centric reporting and real-time, web-based data visualization tools. LifeLine data filters (called “triggers”) help monitor our performance against defined operational objectives. Real-time data is displayed in dashboards and accessible on any platform for our Ambulance Service and partner hospitals.


Mobile Employee Communication App

We keep our Frontline informed by using Blink, a mobile app that connects our EMS providers to everything they need in one place. We share updates, kudos, and company news directly into employee feeds, where it’s easy for everyone to stay up to date.

With CEO videos, company announcements, and priority alerts, everyone can engage and will pull in the same direction.

As Blink’s central feature, the Hub will enable employees to quickly access policies, procedures, and guides in one convenient place—resulting in our more engaged and productive workforce.

LifeLine EMS offers several different career pathways within EMS; Field Operations, Communications, Fleet Management, Administration, Business Development,
and Finance.