We offer flexible schedules to honor school and other commitments, overtime opportunities, extremely competitive pay and our $5000 retention bonus.


LifeLine EMS is a rapidly growing and highly successful company. It is our mission to provide “Complete Customer Care” to every client we serve. This commitment is made possible by the tireless efforts and dedication to clinical and operational excellence that is provided by our team of caring and highly competent professionals.

Our culture is rooted in the main principles that support our organizational mission, vision, and values. To be part of our team, each EMS professional must be a good, kind human. Our “no jerk policy” keeps us grounded and ensures that regardless of the stressors we feel within a traditional EMS day, every patient interaction, transfer of care, and contact with our healthcare partners, is treated as the most important.

Our organizational culture revolves around team member engagement. Very simply, we care what our team members think and we care about the perspective from all within the EMS circle. We always consider a variety of approaches to create any solution.

Support Services

Lifeline Ambulance strives to evoke a hard-working, innovative, and collaborative culture. As part of our culture, we want to support fleet readiness, through safety and operational excellence, to be effective and efficient for the people that provide care and patient services. Our team of Mechanics and Vehicle Support Technicians are highly qualified and trained employees that work diligently to prepare our fleet to the best of their abilities. Researching and implementing the newest technology gives our department the necessary insight needed to ensure our expectations are being met and successful. Employee engagement is an important aspect of the Fleet Department. Employee feedback allows Lifeline to deliver better solutions and service for our employees and clients. Through transparency and communication, we hope to continue to evolve our culture where every employee feels empowered and proud to succeed.

LifeLine EMS offers several different career pathways within EMS; Field Operations, Communications, Logistics, Fleet Management, Administration, Business Development, and Finance.